Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How do you say it again?

I've been told a few times that my writing is sometimes hard to understand in terms of purpose or meaning, to anyone who isn't, well, me. So, I am planning on changing the theme of my blog to photos of what I'm thinking or which clothes or trends I'm interested in. A photo speaks a thousand words, huge cliché I am aware, but in my case, it is quite true.

Might take a few weeks to get some photos taken and up, so have a look when they're up, if anyone is reading this.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Best accessory?

Not to sound like I have just been brainwashed by a Toni & Guy advertisement, but, I think there is some truth in your hair being (at least one of) your best accessory. This is because if you walk past someone, assuming you aren't looking at the floor, the first thing you see is their head, and therefore their hair. I dont know whether its just me, but if someone has good hair, then Im more likely to look at what they're wearing. But that might just be me, anyway, my main point is that I'm currently debating on how to change my hair, as its boring, and starting college seems an appropriate a time as ever to experiment. But, apart from shape and colour, how can you make it more interesting? Any ideas will be useful because Im all out! Does anyone have a hairstyling blog that would answer my question, and, if so, please link me :).

Sorry about the long time no post, I had exams, and then lazy :/

Basically I kinda want to know how to get decent looking hair without employing a proffessional stylist.
(Sounds a bit cliché but I couldn't find another way to put it.)