Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spirit Jewellery

Spirit Jewellery is one of my favourite jewellery brands, mainly because it has rare and unusual pieces, but also because its made in the UK, and original good quality jewellery made here is actually not that easy to find. Some of the pieces were featured at London Fashion Week, in Vogue, and also worn by Celebrities such as Kate Moss and Debbie Harry.
In short, It's a brilliant jewellery brand, with exquisite and unusual pieces that are only made in small quantities. My favourite is the Folding Fan necklace, vintage inspired design and wearable with practically anything!

Check out the website for prices and more designs, I couldn't fit them all in my post!

Hope you like it :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nude. In every form. (Well, almost)

So, all things nude are 'In', not that fashion trends are things I follow religiously, I only picked up on this because of the clothes that are actually currently being sold at places like ASOS. They are mixing classic with edgy, but keeping it simple at the same time with nude colours and tones. I particularly like nude colours in summer, and now is a good time to start looking for the perfect bits for my wardrobe.
The 'In' trends actually irritate me, because there are always a few sad individuals that read about them, and then go out and buy every item of clothing within that particular trend, therefore ending up looking completely ridiculous.
But, back to the point, these are a few pieces that I particularly liked, although not to be worn at the same time!
Image 1 of Rare Peter Pan Collar Sleeveless Shift Dress

ASOS HALO High Sandals
ASOS PEARL Flower Detail Lace Up High Shoe

Image 1 of Reverse Bow Back Textured Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress

All from ASOS.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I want it. Enough Said.

Brics. Best luggage range by far. But expensive.
A suitcase/ luggage set should be subtle in style, not hard flourescent plastic with flowers on, not plain black with a million and one compartments. Obviously Louis Vuitton is a desirable range in itself, but Brics are my new favourite, as they are aesthetically pleasing, without any logo or brand printed all over, as much as a LV Trunk appeals (Its second on my wishlist.)
(Apologies for lack of posts, Art coursework takes its toll after a while :/ )

(Just because it's Vintage. And I want it.)