Thursday, December 2, 2010

When in SNOW

To my utter suprise, it has actually snowed on the south coast of England! And seeing as we are off school, it is a perfect time to resurrect my blog! Apologies for the lack of posts, my workload increased considerably over the past month.
Anyway, back on topic, I have decided to do a feature on what to wear in the snow, and what definitely NOT to wear, as I have now discovered.
Hope you like it.


Sno Coral Leggings

Sno Black Snowflake Ski Snood

All Over Fur Trapper

Knitted Crop Aran Fleck Jumper

Columbia Canal Street Pants Black Gingham Ladies

Image 1 of Lacoste EXCLUSIVE Bundle Snow Boots

Kangaroo Pocket Hoody

MOTO Star Patch Skinny Jeans

Red Bow Cuff Gloves

Image 1 of Wedge Welly Maneater Wellies
WEAR list:
Thermals - Cold is not in the slightest bit fashionable, especially chattering teeth
Snood -  Easier and cuter than scarves, no loose ends
Faux Fur hat with ear flaps - Warm head equals slight natural blush, and covered hair
Big knit Jumper - No hood and much thicker, very useful in the snow
Salopettes - Warm, waterproof, and when sized correctly can look like normal legging pants
Snow boots - Essential and very cute by lacoste. No slips on the ice
(All from topshop apart from the Salopettes and Snow boots - ASOS)

The snow boots and knitted jumper are my favourite, because they are both essential, and asthetically pleasing. Jumper is now on my christmas list!

Hoodies - of any kind, from experience, they stretch, the cords freeze and are not as warm as knitted jumpers
Jeans - Get soaked, and stay that way, enough said! ( although this particular design is really nice)
Non waterproof gloves - Bad idea. Cold hands equals no fun
Wellies - No grip, at all. A friend of mine spent around 60% of the day sliding and getting up again as a result of poor footwear choice!
(All from, apart from the Wellies - ASOS)

Although the jeans have a star pattern, the gloves have cute bows, and the Wellies are patent, they are totally impractical, and should be saved for a rainy day instead!

Please leave a comment with any opinions on the clothes, or requests for website links for the pieces.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let it snow...

1.  ASOS fantasy fur deerstalker - £20
2.  ASOS fantasy fur headband - £12
3. ASOS basic loose rib snood - £16
4. ASOS cable bobble fleece lined mittens - £10
5. New Look Aviator jacket - £29.99
6. New Look Feathered fur gilet - £30
7.  New Look Leopard print faux fur coat - £29.99

I wish it would just snow already, so that I can invest in all of the above with good reason!
I have noticed that their is a lot of faux fur around at the moment, and I have taken a liking to it, and so decided to feature the reasonable pieces I found on my blog, so that others could see what I hope to be wearing this winter. I think that it is really versatile, when styled correctly, and the big names such as Chanel create this look perfectly, check out their winter collection at:

Hope you like it, post a comment below!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Never too old for fun...Halloween style.

I love halloween, and so I thought I would share some examples of makeup styles that I really like.
1. Devil.
2. Vampire.
3. Witch.
They are not too over the top, but not boring (I hope) and I think that sometimes people forget that you can improve even an awful outfit, with your makeup!
Post a comment with any opinions, and which one is your favourite!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Camel and a candid critic.

So today my cousin and I ventured into the shopping realms of Montpellier, and gave in to a shopping spree, which, in my case, included a Camel cardigan, very warm, and expensive I might add!
France is iconic in the fashion world, but to be very honest this was not apparent in Montpellier today.
Back to the post, Camel is In.

1. ACORN Wedge Ankle Boots - £85
2. Knitted Military Tunic - £40
3. Knitted Tipped Boyfriend Cardigan - £38
4. Ultimate Military Cape - £95
5. Silk Tab Placket Shirt - £40
All from Topshop.

I like Camel because it particularly compliments my very pale skin tone, and is an easy colour to match things with. Please comment with your opinions below.
Hope you like it!
Ellie xx
P.S. Less expensive version still to come, watch this space!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Look the best for less.

1. Black Tights £6.99 - H&M
2. Cognac Brown Boots £29.99 - H&M
3. Grey-beige Patterned Dress £14.99 - H&M
4. Light Camel Marl Cardigan £14.99 - H&M

I am assuming that I am not the only one who sees clothes that are way out of my budget, but I rarely settle for anything not up to my standards. Nobody should have to. Yes, the magazines are great for suggesting cheaper versions of a £3000 designer bag, but sometimes the alternatives are still a bit pricey.
I tried to find the closest match to my first post as possible, I hope you like it!
Please leave a comment, and any suggestions below.
Ellie xx

Sunday, October 24, 2010

First in the Name of Blogs.

Hey All,
My name is Ellie, and I have decided to create a Blog to share with everyone my sense of style and a bit about me. I doubt I am the only one who finds clothes I love but can not buy them, Purely because I am 15 and clearly not rich enough to buy everything I see.
I intend for my blog to be a more unique version of the fashion pages in magazines , where they recommend cheaper versions of all the latest trends.
Ellie xx

This is a perfect winter outfit for when its cold, but you still want to look cute, in Winter Chic, not frumpy jumpers and trackies.
1. Arran Long Line Cardigan - £38 ASOS
2. Trecker Lace Up Shearling Boots - £55 ASOS
3. TFNC Printed Lace Smock Dress - £36 ASOS
4. Soft Cotton Mix Tights - £8 ASOS

This outfit is an example of what I would wear. I hope you like it.
A less expensive version of this look to come later!
Leave a comment, any opinions welcome.
Ellie xx