Saturday, March 5, 2011

I want it. Enough Said.

Brics. Best luggage range by far. But expensive.
A suitcase/ luggage set should be subtle in style, not hard flourescent plastic with flowers on, not plain black with a million and one compartments. Obviously Louis Vuitton is a desirable range in itself, but Brics are my new favourite, as they are aesthetically pleasing, without any logo or brand printed all over, as much as a LV Trunk appeals (Its second on my wishlist.)
(Apologies for lack of posts, Art coursework takes its toll after a while :/ )

(Just because it's Vintage. And I want it.)


  1. LOVE this luggage and want it too - particularly the LV case! One should be devastatingly chic at the airport (no leisure wear obviously) and it goes without saying that luggage should all match.xx

  2. Of course! thanks Erica :) x