Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Camel and a candid critic.

So today my cousin and I ventured into the shopping realms of Montpellier, and gave in to a shopping spree, which, in my case, included a Camel cardigan, very warm, and expensive I might add!
France is iconic in the fashion world, but to be very honest this was not apparent in Montpellier today.
Back to the post, Camel is In.

1. ACORN Wedge Ankle Boots - £85
2. Knitted Military Tunic - £40
3. Knitted Tipped Boyfriend Cardigan - £38
4. Ultimate Military Cape - £95
5. Silk Tab Placket Shirt - £40
All from Topshop.

I like Camel because it particularly compliments my very pale skin tone, and is an easy colour to match things with. Please comment with your opinions below.
Hope you like it!
Ellie xx
P.S. Less expensive version still to come, watch this space!


  1. I'm liking the camel shades at the mo seems less harsh than black and makes a change from grey :)
    nice blog btw and thanks for commenting on mine :D

  2. totally love the ankle boots !

  3. Thank you everyone :)
    my less expensive post will be up soon!