Sunday, October 24, 2010

First in the Name of Blogs.

Hey All,
My name is Ellie, and I have decided to create a Blog to share with everyone my sense of style and a bit about me. I doubt I am the only one who finds clothes I love but can not buy them, Purely because I am 15 and clearly not rich enough to buy everything I see.
I intend for my blog to be a more unique version of the fashion pages in magazines , where they recommend cheaper versions of all the latest trends.
Ellie xx

This is a perfect winter outfit for when its cold, but you still want to look cute, in Winter Chic, not frumpy jumpers and trackies.
1. Arran Long Line Cardigan - £38 ASOS
2. Trecker Lace Up Shearling Boots - £55 ASOS
3. TFNC Printed Lace Smock Dress - £36 ASOS
4. Soft Cotton Mix Tights - £8 ASOS

This outfit is an example of what I would wear. I hope you like it.
A less expensive version of this look to come later!
Leave a comment, any opinions welcome.
Ellie xx 


  1. I would never wear a trackie. loving the shorts and tights combo. we called them hot pants in the 90's and I wouldn't be seen dead at a rave without them. can you buy the stick thin legs to go with them? X

  2. Unfortunately not!
    Bit rubbish i know, not that you need them!
    I cant stand trackies even as a last resort for winter! I would rather wear all of my summer clothes at once!
    xx thank you for commenting :)