Monday, October 25, 2010

Look the best for less.

1. Black Tights £6.99 - H&M
2. Cognac Brown Boots £29.99 - H&M
3. Grey-beige Patterned Dress £14.99 - H&M
4. Light Camel Marl Cardigan £14.99 - H&M

I am assuming that I am not the only one who sees clothes that are way out of my budget, but I rarely settle for anything not up to my standards. Nobody should have to. Yes, the magazines are great for suggesting cheaper versions of a £3000 designer bag, but sometimes the alternatives are still a bit pricey.
I tried to find the closest match to my first post as possible, I hope you like it!
Please leave a comment, and any suggestions below.
Ellie xx


  1. Liking the alternatives deary :)
    I'm slightly skint atm so it helps a lot.

    Au revoir.

  2. thank you :) glad you like it, You are not alone in having no money at the moment!
    Any suggestions for next post welcome!

  3. They were really reasonable, i think i might have to buy them!! xx